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Love story Sacrificing

Love story Sacrificing Love Novel

1st Part
Rishi belonged to a good family. He loved his parents, His parents also loved him. Rishi was a brilliant boy. He had many attributes inside. He was very interested in reading and worked even more. He recognized as a capable and intelligent student and a simple guy. He had love in his heart. He was anxious to get rid of the ignorance of his people. He met people with a smile and gracious. His eyes were filled with tears of love. He did not want to hurt anyone's by heart.
After college Rishi thought why not work with a tutoring center to be suffixed.
After consulting with friends, he began teaching English at a tuition center. In the center except boys the girls were also attended the classes. By Rishi ability and hard work he had a period in Girls section.
Rishi was a simple boy and he didn’t interfere with other works and did not look anyone from the evil eye.
Due to Rishi's Teaching all students loved him. Rishi also loved his students and taught them with heart.
A schoolgirl was also studying in this center whose name was Saba, she was so pretty and beautiful girl, she liked the simplicity and teaching of Rishi.
During studies, she watched carefully for Rishi, but Rishi was absorbed in Teaching so he didn’t give attention to Saba.
Saba was also Rishi's neighbor, therefore she thought Why should not study tuition at Rishi home, while their houses were near each other.
One day Saba told her mother that she wants to study at Rishi's home.
Saba's mother was a teacher so she thought it's good and Said that he would talk with Rishi.
Next day Saba's mother went to Rishi’s home and said to Rishi that He gave tuition to Saba at his home, Rishi agreed, and said there is no harm in this and he has free time, then he set a time for Saba’s tuition. Another day Rishi began teaching to Saba at home. Saba was a hard-working girl and she came on time for studying and actually absorbed in learning.
Days passed, in the heart of Saba, Rishi's love grew more than more, she thought, how tell Rishi that she loves him.
After some time Saba said Rishi that She want to read and hear about love.
Rishi said: I teach you English, math, science and other subjects, there are books that you must cover, and book of Love is not included in your Core Question.
But Saba insisted that He taught her about love
Rishi said.
Rishi: I do not know anything about love if you know then tell me.
Saba: Look, English, mathematics, and other subjects I am reading in school here I don’t have any affection to them, I want to hear you, I want to see your smile, and I also want that your focus should be on my side all the time, So you should look for me and I look you, I do not know about love.
But I do know that you have an attraction Who brought me out here and That brings me closer to accomplishing you. I think about you all the time, I want you take me with your hands and love me, Make me yours, Now my life is useless without you, I didn't want anything in life, because you are in my memories, You're in my dreams, You're in my thoughts, you’re In my eyes, You're in my heart, You're in my world and life, You're my wish, You're in my aspiration, You're my Everything, my every moment is yours.
I do not know anything about love, but I know that without you I nothing, now You tell yourself, is this Love? Or something else?
2nd Part
Rishi was carefully listening to Saba and he was upset, he didn’t understand that what to do and say, he was standing and looking her.
Lost in thoughts, unaware of the world!
Saba attracted on the Rishi and said:
Saba: Do you hear me?
Rishi with little hesitation.
Rishi: yes, yeah! I’m listening to you, but I don’t understand what to do and what tell you …………….
Saba: I understand that which thing revealed me, that’s also with you. Come and take me with your hands.
Rishi was afraid
Rishi: Saba look, your mother has asked me to teach you tuition and it is my responsibility that I teach you, if you will not study then what she will tell me, Let's open the books and read the lesson.
Saba: I'm not fond of reading, now you are my book, you are my pen and paper, I have not come here to read any tuition, etc. But I came to read you, tell me about yourself, what are you feeling now?
Rishi did not understand and he could not tell any word therefore he said, Let's now go home and tomorrow we will start again our lesson. Saba went to her home, then Rishi sat for a while, but he didn’t understand what to do.
He went Out of the house and walked slowly down the side of the road. On the way Kabir (Rishi's friend) saw him and he was amazed, Rishi lost in thoughts and slowly walked road side, Kabir came near to Rishi saluted him and asked him about his health, you get lost in thoughts and do not be noticed friends, what's the matter Rishi?
Rishi: No matter, I am walking along the same road.
But Kabir did not understand he did not want to annoy Rishi, therefore he thought it is better to be left Rishi, Rishi walked Road side and forgot to go to the tutoring center and a little distance sat on a free place. Saba was hanging out in his thoughts, He was a little upset and he was trying to overcome but something was not understood. Returned home late at night, His health seemed a little not better.
Rishi's mother asked
Mother: you returned home late, are you ok my son?
Your face also doesn’t look like good, what is the matter?
Rishi: Mom! No such thing just a little bit tired after walking, and nothing else.
But that time mother understood nothing, set the table, given the food, the whole family went to eat but Rishi eats half the food and left the table, He went in his room, took the book and start reading, after reading a page closed the book and turned on the television, but he didn't like anything, He lay on the bed to rest but it was not easy. When Saba arrived home, her Mom asked:
Mother: Saba my daughter how about study? Did you learn anything?
Saba: Yes, Mother I learned a lot, Rishi works very hard with me, I'm very happy,
Thanks Mom, you are so nice. After that Saba lay down on the bed in her room and she thought about Rishi, began to question herself.
Does Rishi love her or not? She began to comfort herself, Rishi surely loves her.
Other day morning Rishi went to college, he did not want to sit in class, he lost in thoughts and moving around in the college Area, his fellow was sitting in class but he was out of class. Rishi was coming to understand what should he do, Offers Evidence Challenging he feel about love, he did not understand Saba’s love Because he belongs to society Where there were no significance loved ones But those who had seen the evil eye the lovers While he was teaching tuition to Saba, he thought.
3rd Part
If parents come to know about Saba’s love, then they will not allow Saba for tuition, therefore he can’t share this situation with anyone nor he can get any recommendations from his friends.
When there is no importance of love in society then there how you can get advice from a friend.
The next day, Saba went to the school, sitting in class she was lost in thoughts, Math teacher had been teaching but Saba had opened the book in English.
Teacher: Saba, it is not English period, please open the Mathematic book, Saba had no interest in the books, she closed English book and opened meth book, the teacher was teaching math, but Saba continues to copy images. Sitting near Saba a Girl, she said. Saima: Hey Saba, it is not a period of drawing its mathematic period, in which world you are living now.
But Saba didn’t hear her and continued draw pics.
After break Saba went home and she waited for tuition time, at fix time she went Rishi’s home, she was very happy to see Rishi, her face was bright and Rishi was also happy to see her.
Rishi: Saba, open the book we will start our remaining lesson.
Saba: Sorry! I have not brought books because my heart was filled with books, I didn’t interest with it, I don’t realize, what happened with me, I know that my life is useless without you, I want you take me with your hands.
Rishi: Look Saba! Your parents have sent you here for tuition and it’s my responsibility to teach you, I also want you, but I also exercise my responsibility.
Saba: look Rishi, I had permission from the parents for tutoring it was an excuse to meet you, don’t worry about them.
Rishi little seemed upset, but he was also happy and he was eager to take Saba with his hands, but there was fear in his heart he could not do it, He looked carefully at Saba, Saba moved his hand toward Rishi, Rishi took hold of her hand and they were very close to each other, Saba wanted Rishi embraced her but Rishi cannot do such, they were talking with each other Tuition time was finished but they express love to each other.
Rishi: Oh, A lot of time has passed now go home here we will meet again tomorrow. Saba returned home.
Rishi lost in thoughts lay down on the bed, one side a joy in his heart and there was a fear of the other side, He was lost between joy and fear, the society where hatred on lovers how you share your love with friends, the Rishi understood, if Saba’s parents know about our love then they would not allow Saba for tuition, he did not understood how explain to Saba, but he would not want to hurt Saba, one side he was eager to embrace her, but other side from society's fear he could not do it and also he did not want to lose Saba.
4th Part
When Saba went home it was too late her mother asked
Mother: Saba, Why you come late today?
Saba: there was too much work, therefore it was late, saying that and entered into the room.
Mother was having trouble understanding, why Saba not talk to her.
Saba lost in thoughts, lay down to rest on the bed and start thinking how she would love Rishi, how explain Rishi She does not want to be separated from him for a moment. Saba's mother entered the room Saba was laying on the bed.
Mother: Saba, what is the matter, why you are lying on the bed? Are you fine?
Saba: Mother, I was a little tired and have a little headache Just want to relax.
Mother: Take care my daughter and don’t press on the brain now take a tablet and rest if the headache increased then I will give you another medicine.
Saba: thanks, I will be fine, don’t worry.
Mother came out of the room.
Saba was so absorbed in Rishi’s love therefore she did not interested about society. The other day, Rishi waited for Saba, lost in thoughts and thinking, how adopt Saba forever. Meanwhile, Saba entered in the room, Rishi was so happy to see Saba.
Rishi: Good, you came on time, now let's open the book.
Saba: Rishi, I don’t come to study, but came for you, I want to talk with you, love you and I want that you embraced me, Saba held Rishi's hands and drag him by self-ward. Rishi: Saba, you know what you are doing?
Saba: yes, I know what I am doing, I'm in love with you.
Rishi was trembling and embraced her, they unaware of the world, lost in love with each other, they did not know, how quickly time passed.
Saba return home late every day and looks happy, she found her love, Unaware of the world, careless customs and traditions of the society, Step were placed in a new world and had nothing to do with people. She wanted to build a new life for herself, she was so absorbed in love for Rishi, when she was with Rishi she did not talk without love, But Rishi wanted to adopt Saba forever according to social ritual and customs he wanted to adopt Saba.
Saba kissed Rishi and said
Saba: Rishi, you also kiss me, my all body and life is yours, then Saba slowly opened Rishi’s shirt buttons kissed on his chest, then closed with him, but Rishi was lost in thought not kissed her because he wanted to adopt Saba forever.
Saba: Rishi, Why you do not kiss me? Do you not love me or I am not looking good? Rishi: Saba, There is no such thing, I love you too, I want you in the same way, in which you love me, I feel a little intimidated own environment, customs and society therefore I can’t kiss you I want adopt you forever.
Saba: Rishi, The environment, customs, society, all these old things, isn’t focusing that side and we are alone in the room, no one else, I do not interested about society, I love you, let’s start a new life.
Rishi: Well, then you do what you want, I’m with you, but I don’t do at this time, I will do when you will be always mine. Rishi and Saba had no knowledge about love, but they were feeling.
As well as Says old men. That
“Romantic is not a game, but given by God is a miracle”
5th Part
They were falling in the love of each other, when Saba comes from tuition they express their love for each other it’s happening every day. The mother began a little suspect on Saba, because Saba goes for tuition early, but return back later, and looks very happy. One day mother asked Saba.
Mother: Saba tells us about tuition, how is it going and tell us about Rishi, he works with you or not?
Saba: Oh Mother! I’m very happy Rishi has worked hard with me, he teaches me daily, for this reason I am very fond of reading. Saba said the mother with a kiss, Mom, you're so good, you take good care of me, I’m very happy. Mother, Cook rice at dinner because Rishi likes rice very much, I will take rice for him, when cook rice at home Saba takes Rice for Rishi.
The mother felt, that her daughter has surely love Rishi, she talks so good things about him.
A few days passed mother told Saba.
Mother: Saba my daughter, now you will not go for tuition, sit at home and prepare for the exam.
Saba: No mother! I will go for tuition, because Rishi works hard with me.
Mother: Saba, it’s too much, you are now young, God forbid something happened between you and Rishi, then what will we do. Have you known about of our customs?
Saba: Mother I did not know about the customs and don't want to know, but I know that Rishi is a very nice guy and I want a lot him.
Mother: look, I sent you for tuition, not for love, if your father finds out then it will be very bad.
Saba: I don't care about anyone, I want Rishi, so much, you give me permission or not definitely I will go for the tuition.
The Rishi and Saba had come very close to each other, Rishi was in a panic because of their customs and he did not want anything to happen between him and Saba, for which he did not kiss Saba.
Rishi’s mother adored her son and Rishi consult with his mother every time. One day Rishi thought why did not tell his mother that he loves to Saba, May be his mother give him good advice.
Rishi said to his mother
Rishi: Mom, I want to talk with you.
Mother: tell me son, what is the matter.
Rishi: Mom, I love Saba, and I have been wanting to adopt her forever.
Mother: Rishi, Your Engagement done with your cousin's daughter by your father, and he will not allow this in any condition.
Rishi: look mother, I want Saba so much therefore I’m going to marry with her. The Engagement done by Father in my childhood, I don't need it, I love Saba and I’m going to marry with her and we will together continue a lifetime.
Mother: I know Saba is very nice girl, but what about that girl, with which yours Engagement done in childhood and she's your uncle's girl.
Rishi: Mother! Do not do childish things, Engagement in childhood, is it a matter, these are old things, God forbid, if something happened over, and then what you did with that girl?
Mother thought a little, then said
Mother: I cannot tell you anything right now, talk with your dad.
6th Part
One day the Saba's father said his wife:
Father: What is being taught Saba, how long I have not seen her, where is she?
Mother: She is in her room.
Father: Ok, I ask her myself.
Saba's father entered the room, first loved his daughter, and then said.
Father: Saba my daughter, how are you? What is being taught? How long I have not seen my daughter, what’s happening? Please tell me?
Saba was lost in thought, sitting on the bed in her room, answered a little feared.
Saba: Father, I am all right, don’t worry, my study is good, and I have learned a lot. After look the face of a Saba, the father asked:
Father: Hey, what happened to your face, I do not see any smile, someone not caught sight you.
Saba: Smilingly, No father.
Dad left the room and asked to Wife.
Father: Saba's health is not fine, I don’t like her face, what is the matter?
Mother: Saba is now an adult, and any girl enters puberty, then her face also changes as necessary, now she stepped into a new world.
Father: When you were first time into adulthood, then your face has changed, kha kha kha kha…………….
The mother smiled sheepishly and said:
Mother: How you are kidding, this comes on every girl in adulthood.
Rishi's father was a Doctor and he was working in Quetta, the Rishi was waiting for him, when Dad would come then he will award him about Saba’s loves.
The face of Saba did not look right when Saba went for tuition on daily time.
Rishi: Saba, what is the matter? Today, I' not seeing the smile off your face?
Saba: No, there is nothing like that, Mom said that I do not come for tuition, prepare yourself at home, but I said I will definitely go for tuition and I also told her that I want you lots. The time of talking they embraced with each other, Rishi took her with hands and reassured her.
7th Part
After a week Rishi's father returned from Quetta then Rishi said to his father.
Rishi: Dad, I love Saba and I want to marry with her.
Dad hit a slap in the face of Rishi then said:
Father: Very bad! Your engagement done with your cousin's daughter in childhood, what I will answer them.
Rishi: Father, I do not know you have done my Engagement or not But I do know that I love Saba and she also love me, we have come very close to each other and we want each other very much therefore I am going to marry with her.
Rishi's father was a qualified person, he took Rishi with arm and kissed him then said:
Father: Sit down, my son, when I was young I was in love with a girl. It was that time when I first started working in the hospital, there was a girl named Sumera also worked in the hospital, she was a beautiful girl and she was a resident of Lahore, We were very like each other, but my Engagement had been set with your mother by your grandfather, I told my parents that I love Sumera and I’m going to marry with her. They said it is not possible because you already engaged. I did not listen to parents and went to Lahore with Sumera. Her parents said you are also our son feel free to live in our home, if you both want each other and want to marry it’s your right and you are allowed to marry. Sometime I lived with them and we were busy preparing for the wedding. Two days before the wedding, I went alone out from home, sat a free place then thought:
I am going to marry with this girl is it right or wrong?
She will stay with me in the future?
Will my family receive her?
Will she stay in our society?
Will she accept our tradition and custom?
What about that girl, mine Engagement set with which?
And many questions I gave myself, then I realized I am doing wrong.
I have apologized from Sumera and from her parents and said: I cannot marry, because my parents set up my engagement with a girl, before I met Sumera. What I will answer them.
I returned back home and marry with your mother.
In youth life man chooses many mistakes, Flies caught in a love girls, it does not mean you got to love the girl and Marry.
8th Part
Before getting married you must think about your Home, parents, family, society then gets married.
Rishi: father, Perhaps your time was something else from new generation, Saba is our neighbor and you know her from childhood and we are living in the same society, our customs and our mortgage is also same, so just I don't care about anything without Saba, I know that she cannot live without me, she loves me, if you do not get married us, then you will very regret, I will be ready for the pass.
Father: Rishi, you are now a first year student in college, and the Saba is currently studying in school. You have no job and no money, Marriage is easy, but it is very difficult to handle after the wedding, especially if you're still a student, this is your first responsibility to complete your study After that talk about marriage.
Rishi: Father, what you are saying is absolutely right, but, my heart feels right, I promised Saba, she will be mine forever, if not married with Saba then you really regret. Father: Okay, son, I consult with your mother then tell you what we do.
The Saba's father came home a little earlier and call Saba.
Father: Saba my daughter, I need to talk to you where you are.
Mom: Saba has not come yet.
Father: What? She has so long there, what is she doing there?
Mom: she has been working a little more, therefore late.
Father: I don't like this, tell me when she comes
Mom: Okay.
After some time, Saba came home.
Mother: daughter why you are so late, your father waited so long.
Saba: Well Mom.
Then entered father's room
Saba: Father, how are you?
Father: Oh Saba! My daughter! Where you were, so late you come home. What are you doing, what are you reading, tell me something. What is being taught? Are you getting some benefit from tuition?
Saba: Yeah, Father, Rishi is a good teacher, he works hard with me and takes care of me, He is giving me all his time. Now I'm very fond of reading, if he had been a teacher in our school?
Father: Ok Daughter, today is the era of education and human is incomplete without education and daughter Read with the heart, so that you become a good doctor, then treat people.
Saba's mother had heard all conversation, she did not want that father knew about Saba, she comes late every day. She stood outside and waited for Saba, When Saba came out of the room, Mother held her hand and taken her to another room then said.
Mom: Saba, I do not want that your father be aware you come late every day, tell me the truth, what is the situation, why do you return back later every day?
Saba: mom, I like Rishi very much, I’m talking with him, therefore I’m late, Mom so much I want him, Maybe I'm in love with him.
Mom: Look Saba, if your dad knew about you, he will do bad with you and you don’t know about the people in our society, what they will think about you and what they will say.
Saba: Look, Mother! I do not know anything about society, what people will think and what will say, but I know this much, that I like him very much, I always want to be with him Because I like Rishi to.
Mother thought, God forbid, if something committed between Saba and Rishi, the society will disgrace us. What method should be adopted to prevent her from going to the Rishis.

Written by Shaikof Baloch

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