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Bushes used in medicine

Bushes of Balochistan used in medicine

Baluchistan is native home of some herbal plants. In Baluchistan, various wild herbs have been collected and sold in the local market by local community. However, very limited scientific knowledge is available on the potential herbs, which can be cultivated and utilized for different purposes. The vulnerability of medicinal herbs and spices to over-exploitation and extinction need to be dealt pragmatically. The concerns and issues relating the conservation of these plants could be addressed through a variety of activities involving pinnacle government and non-governmental organizations of the sector

Bushes and Herbs of Balochistan used in Medicine

Bushes and Herbs names in Balochi translated into English
Arwa - اروہ - A bush with poisonous seeds used in medicine
Izgindh - ازگند - The drug for fever
Ispanthan - اسپنتان - Harmala seed used as a drug
Aashish - آشاس - A bush drug used for cough
Birnjak - برنجک - Medicine for cough
Bangera - بينگرہ - A bush for fever
Zarch - زارچ - Barberry
Sik - سک - Bush used in medicine
Simsok - سمسوک - Plant decation used for fever
Shaampashthar - شامپشتير - Bush used as fuel
Kalpora - کلپورہ - Boiss used as fever cure
Karwaan kash - کاروان کش - Pterophyrum fuel
Kandrak - کندرک - Used in medicine
Maarmooth - مارموت - Roots used as drug for fever
Metato - مٹيٹو - a drug used for fever
Mek thothiaa - ميک توتيا - Roots used as drug for eyes
Boae Maadraan - بوۓمادران - Fodder for sheep and goats
Panair Bandh - پنيربند - Also used in medicine seed used for making cheeze
Pee Pilee - پى پلى - A cooling drug bush
Harpak - ہرپک - Bush drug for fever
Parchenk - پرچينک - Wild lavender fodder for cattle's and used in medicine
Thola Angoor - تولہ انگور - Plant leaves are used for rheumatism
Jaowr - جور - Poisonous bush now domesticated as a flower
Dandanshek - دنداںشک - Wild plant seed used as medicine for toothache
Dhathura - دھتورا - The black dhatura
Daranne - درنہ - Bush used as a medicine
Guldehr, Gardher - گلدر،گردر - A plant drug for malarial fever
Ganch - گنچ - Colocynth drug for colic in animals
Gwathak - گواتگ - A plant used in medicine
Gwanjak - گونجک - A plant used in medicine
Mehr - مہر - A bush used in medicine
Morpozhow - مورپوژو - A bush used in medicine
Naromb - نرومب - Ephedra
Washdaar - وشدار - Liquorice
Ganda raem - گندہ ريم - Plant used for a medicine for cough
Ganda ko - گنداکو - Garden rue seed used as drug
Pitik - پنک - A drug
Padavee - پنک،پداوى - A drug
Parchink - پرچنک - Wild lavender fodder for cattle and used in medicine
Shaad - شاد - Roots used for washing clothes
Shathar - شتر - Root used for curing leather
Kark - کرک - A bush as a drug
Kamarkash - کمرکش - A bush with milky as a drug
Kandhok - کندوک - Used in a medicine
Glaar Girdir - گلار،گردر - A plant drug for molianal fever
Geench - گينچ - Drug for cobi in animal
Laaboo - لابو - Also used as a food by poor people in sacrcity
Tetoo - ٹيٹو - Salvia
hingg - ہنگ - Drug
heaars - ہيارس - Cooling drink
Panaerbaad - پنیرباد - Seeds of panaerbaad used for stomach, grind seeds and drink with water or eat whole 2 or 3 seeds with water

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