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Thoughts of Natasha

what thought Natash and what she get

Love Story

what thought Natash and what she get

After school Natasha thought she must have enrolled in the University for which she must pass a test, Natasha was a talented girl, after passing the test easily she got admission in University. Natasha's parents were living in the village, because of that she starts living in a hostel and she was allotted a room, in this room also leaving two girls, Sweta and Taniya. University visibly reflected off Saturday and Sunday, because of that Natasha went village for two days and on Monday arranged equipment and food brought from home. Among the students the foreign students were studying in the University. Along with study Natasha was looking for a partner, she wishes that she should have a good boyfriend, which she loves and marry in order to live a good life in the future, Natasha was studying at the university for two years, she introduces too many boys but she didn’t find, as she wished and loved.
One day in University Natasha met an exotic Asian Boy Named Younus, the boy studied at the university for two years, who was studying on socialist scholarship, Natasha loved him, she considered that she found a life partner, Natasha met the boy for a year, a year later, the boy was invited Natasha that he was in love with Natasha and he wants to marry her, Natasha had been in love with this guy she also wants to marry him but she's been given ten days to consult with parents. Natasha weekdays went her parents’ home and said to her mother:
Natasha: I'm in love with a foreign student and I want to marry him.
The Mother said:
Mom: Look dear, you are mature now and have every right to choose for your spouse, but I suggest you If you want to marry, then marries boy of her hometown and generation, So there will not be a problem of your tomorrow, Foreign and even Asian. We are white and they are black We are Christians and they Muslims, their lifestyles and customs are different from ours, it is very difficult for you, stick with it.
Natasha's father was already married to another woman before leaving her mother, therefore Natasha for her mother was alone and she did not want her only daughter to go away forever by marrying a foreigner, But Natasha was firm on her that she's in love and she will marry him, Mother couldn’t do anything, and she could not stay between Natasha and her love, and she got the boyfriend after a long time and she loved him. Finally, the mother wiping tears, then said:
Mom: Look, I do not believe that my daughter gets married to a foreign guy, but life is your own first well thought then gets married.
Natasha was a decision after ten days, said to Younus:
Natasha: I'm ready to marry you because I love you and I am ready to hit everything because of your love.
Natasha and Jonas booked the wedding Hall and got them a month of preparation for marriage, Natasha invited their friends and relatives and Younus invited their friends and relatives too. The wedding party all night, running out of food and dancing. A few days later, Younus said Natasha Younus: We are Muslims and have to marry under religion, for that we will go to the mosque, Natasha agreed, they went to the Imam and Younus said Imam:
Younus: We both spouses and now we want our marriage will be delivered through our religion, the Imam said:
Imam: I will do.
Imam reads the marriage contract after that take both signs and handed a copy to Younus. Natasha has a son after a year and Natasha was discharged from the university for one year, Younis completed his education after two years, after obtaining a degree Younus said Natasha: Younus: My education is complete; you do not need to study, let us go my home, there have been everything given by God, Natasha said:
Natasha: Well, I'll take permission from my mother.
Natasha went to the village and asked her mother, that she was going with her husband to leave the country, her mother was weeping very much and said:
Mom: But daughter without you there is no one of me in this world, do not leave me alone. Natasha said:
Natasha: Look, Mom, I’m Younus's wife and will go with him where he goes.
The Mother weeping and said:
Mom: Take care of your daughter.
A few days later, Younus brought Natasha and son to his home, Younus's parents, siblings were very happy, Younus has brought not only the degree, but also brought his wife and son with, a few days’ guests served so much more, Natasha was very happy that the laws are very nice people.
The conditions are changing through time, sometime later, Younus went in search of a job, first it was to register the degree in Engineering Council, Engineering Council took fee 6000 Rs, and gave him a receipt and said, that will be answered after inquiry.
A month later, Younus received a letter from the Engineering Council and was written from which university you have got a degree, it is not registered in Engineering Council therefore we can’t register your degree. Younis dreams were shattered with the same letter, what he thought came home and what rewarding found, he was very upset.
He was thinking that he would come to their country, he will get a good job and will serve the people and country, and he will live a good life with Natasha but things took another turning point, Jonah's degree without registration had a piece of paper, the five-year hard work had become only a piece of paper and he could not apply for any job, Younus was very upset. One day Natasha asked to Younus:
Natasha: You seem upset Tell Me What is the reason.
But he cannot tell Natasha that his degree is not registered, he will say, that It will be all right and he will get a job today or tomorrow.
One day Younus met a friend, a friend asked:
Friend: you are looking upset, are you OK?
Younus said:
Younus: what should I say, studying five years out of the country, now Says the Engineering Council, from which university you have got degree, it is not registered in Engineering Council therefore we can’t register your degree, all my hard work has become a piece of paper, Whatever I thought he was limited to just a dream, I do not really understand it Where to go now, If I was alone, then goes second city Now how I leave my wife and child, I do not really understand, Brain stopped working, Very worried.
The friend said:
Friend: I cannot help you, Yes, I have one thing that can eliminate the hassle, Friends took a powder and then said swing them.
Younus: what is this?
Friend: This powder is to remove problem.
Younus was upset he was willing to do anything to relieve their tension. But he had no knowledge about that powder It will change the whole life. But Younus rose up the powder and bring near the nose and swing it and after a while swing it again His eyes started to ecstasy, His anxiety was totally lost, His head was feeling dizzy, the things are up and down, friend asked:
Friend: what are you feeling?
Younus: I never saw before this kind of preview of life, what is amazing powder Things are up and down automatically something goes right side and someone left side. Younus tried to get up after a while but their legs were not ready to go with him, then said: what is the matter That the legs do not go with, there is a magic with this powder Who does things like this up and down Younus talked little much then friend said
Friend: I would go again we will have met tomorrow.
Younsu: yes, yes, why not.
When Younus reached at home then cried with Emphasis placed voice.
Younus: Natasha bring food for me, I’m hungry.
Natasha heard the voice Younus and understood that something is not good with him but control herself and put food in the table what was ready to eat. Younus took dinner and slept. another day Younus went to friend, and friend turned out powder and gave to Younus, Today, Younus tried to take a little more fun and more intoxication. Now it has become habit of Younus, he had no choice because in addition to eliminating the hassle. One day Younus demanded powder from his friend, then friend said:
Friends: dear I had all the powder they are all over you will have to buy now, Younus considered which thing for his support, became a problem for him, now from where arise money.
A qualified person could not be begging, could not steal and no longer able to work. Natasha son got sick from the other side and did not even pay for her son's treatment, Natasha took her son Government Hospital, Doctor look the baby and without check-up write three types of tablets, Natasha came home with his son, she gives medicine to child, but the child was not feeling well.
Natasha did not know anyone and cannot demand money from anyone Because he was a foreign girl, after a few days being the exact treatment Natasha’s son died. Natasha was sick son grief, the news that the body of a man was expelled from the city's drains after a while realized that the body of Younus and it was the last way to get rid of the problem for Younus. Natasha had mourned her son then fell on top of another problem, Natasha was crying every day Younus’s mother keeps comforting her. One day Younus Mother said Natasha:
Mom: daughter, in the country no one longer yours, go back to your country, you are authorized by us.
Natasha: Mom needs money to go to our country, Costs at least a lack Rupees to reach home, From where I get.
Younus mother said to her elder son:
Mother: Son the sake of God, collect some money and send Natasha back to her homeland.
Son: Well mom, but where do I get the money.
Natasha finally understand why she would not go and appeal to their country's embassy.
Natasha said to Younus's mother:
Natasha: Mom, I know it is very difficult to generate money here, please help me reach my country's embassy, A few days later, Younus brother took Natasha to Embassy, when Natasha reached Embassy then told them her story.
Diplomats comforted her that they would arrange for the tickets. Natasha arrange tickets a week later then she was sent by the Embassy.
Natasha approached her door, called her mother
Natasha: Mom! Look! I come back, I wouldn't go anywhere leaving you. But no sound came from inside. Natasha took steps forward then felt to have a lock on door. Natasha ran away neighbor's house, there was an old woman at home Natasha asked her.
Natasha: Grandmother! Where is my mother?
The woman said:
Woman: Daughter please sit down, drink water and take tea.
Natasha said:
Natasha: I don't want anything; I want to meet my mother.
Tears began to flow from woman's eye's.
Woman whipping her tears and weeping then said,
Woman: Daughter, after that when you left home, your mother wiping every day and remembered you. Not long ago, she left this world.
Natasha: what? My mother isn't in this world?
Woman holds Natasha's hand and seated her then said:
Woman: Natasha you were too late.
Natasha hears this and fell down unconscious
A woman called the doctor and after a while the ambulance took Natasha forever.

written by shaikof
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