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story of a tree leaf

Story of a tree leaf

Story of a tree leaf

In the spring season, there was greenness in all directions, fresh air was running and it was a pleasant sight, the flowers were shimmering, the birds are chirping, the nightingale is singing, the peacocks are dancing, the butterflies show their beautiful Wings, the water of the fountain has fled. Animals grazed. The cuckoos swayed on a branch of trees. The leaves waved. I also waved on one branch of a tree, and from happiness I swayed.
Insects and ants felt the taste of greenery. I watched this scene and felt happy. I was younger and my body was very thin when the air ran, then I waved to the tree branch. There were a lot of leaves on the trees, and everyone was happy in their places. I was so fascinated with happiness that I forgot the whole world. Everything around me happened, but I did not disturb anyone, did not interfere and was not interested in their work, but I enjoyed the spring season. Time flies, and time waits for no one, we must go with time.
Suddenly, the autumn season struck us. The leaves on the trees began to change their shape from green to yellow. On the sides everything was yellow. The flowers ceased to lose their freshness, the birds stopped chattering, the nightingales stopped singing, the butterflies crossed to the other side, the cold air ran fast, the peacocks stopped dancing, the animals stopped feeding, and this was the end of my young life.
My happiest was replaced by sorrow, everyone wanted to save themselves, the leaves in the trees began to fall, the body changed its color to yellow. I tried so much to save myself on the tree branch, but I was so weak, so I could not save myself, the air quickly threw me, and I broke away from the branch.
I flew in the air, the Earth's gravity chained me, the air ran fast and threw me back and forth. I was tormented in the air; In the end, I fell to the ground. Around me fell a lot of leaves, I lost the younger, my strength and happiness was over.
Now I was on the ground, and I was in the air. When the air runs fast, it passes through me in the place where it wants. Now I was so weak, if any animal approached me, I could not move to the other side. In the end, my entire body was dry, When the animal held his legs on me, then my body contracted and divided many parts. Now my body is divided into about a hundred parts, so I could not do any work, my whole power was over, my relationship broke out of the outer leaves, we were all leaves of one tree, but divided into thousands of pieces.
Now it's very difficult to get us together because our abilities were finished. I was a dry leaf, but I hope and am looking forward to the day who will come and collect us together, what kind of person will come and burn the fire in our body. But you're afraid of me that I can make a fire. My fire is spreading very far, my smoke is flying in the air, and you are afraid of my smoke, that it does not make you blind, you are afraid of my fire, that it does not fall on your house and do not burn it, and it will destroy your home. You are afraid of my fire, that it did not fall on your plants and did not burn or destroy it. You are afraid of my smoke, that it does not rise and does not mix with clouds, then it falls with rain, and the stream destroys your cities and villages.
Now you are fearing from a dry leaf, all your dreams were finished. Now you use many ways to destroy me. Once you bury me on the ground, once you throw on the mountains, once you throw me into the sea, once you throw me to the animals. But you remember one thing, that I never destroy, maybe my forms will be changed into many forms.

. The End…..
Written by Shaikof Baloch

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